Well Chapter 3 is out guys! The chapter started with Teppei waking up in the snow and thinking that the Rabbit Goblin Girl was just a dream. So her Frozen Breath (yeah, that's the name I gave it :P) caused it to snow! That's a nice ability she has. Anyway, Teppei find part of a building has been melted close by and then meets up with his friend Kazuki Kuramochi and his mom Kuramochi Kazuki. Just so you guys know, in the raw, the mom's name says exactly that "Kuramochi Kazuki" while other characters have their first name last and last name first like Teppei Ushizume in the raw is called Ushizume Teppei. This makes me think that the mom's name is actually Kazuki Kuramochi. But then again, later his mom calls him Kazuki. Mom calling son by last name? That's odd.

Anyway, Teppei find out they don't know where everybody has gone but he quickly learns that they are being treated as slaves for a goblin that leads a gang. The thugs arrive and we meet Numazawa who we can barely understand, gets angry and spits out acid from his tongue at some guy. We see that Kazumochi hates him and then we get his Numazawa's backstory; how he was forced to drink acid. So could that have something to do with a goblin's powers? Maybe depending on what element you are exposed to, you become that type of goblin? Its a theory. Teppei gets tired of his shit and stands up to Namuzawa but the thug won't take that crap and punches Teppei. This, however, ends up hurting his hand instead. He gets angry and takes Kuramochi as a hostage. Teppei covers himself in Iron Armor and saves her and quickly grabs the guy's tongue and punches him. That looked painful as fuck. People get scared at seeing Teppei is a goblin and Namuzawa gets ready to kill as he transforms into his goblin form.

Overall this was a pretty good chapter. The first chapters of a series are very important because they have to make sure it keeps readers interested. I think this chapter did just that and I'm waiting to see what happens next.

I rate it an 8/10.