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  • Relikz

    Well since I didn't do a review for chapter 6, I'll be doing one for both chapter 6 and 7 this time.

    So yeah, after waiting for over a month, chapter 6 finally came out a few days ago. The chapter continued from where chapter 5 left off, with Kazuki being separated from everyone else by Numazawa's cloud of acid. Seeing this, Teppei rushes to save his friend, but he is stopped by Yuki, claiming that its all just a trap. Teppei says that he won't abandon his friend but Yuki tells him that sometimes heroes have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Wow. Yuki is like 10 right? How the hell is she so wise? Maybe she has a dark past where she's had to sacrifice someone for the greater good... or worst, someone 'sacrificed' her?! I'm extremely …

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  • Relikz

    What a great chapter this was! It starts off by Yuki and Teppei becoming friends as he tells her his story and she does what she can for his wound on his leg. (Is it me, or does Yuki look older than last chapter? Which reminds me, these are 10 year olds. Should they really be doing everything they've done since the beginning of the Era of Chaos?) We get yet another theory of why people become goblins and why certain ones have special abilities: because of a strong nature and because of what's in people's souls. So we get to see that Numazawa, aka. Acid Ruler, decides to return in 3 days to kill everyone and meanwhile Teppei gets ready with Yuki's help. We learn that Teppei's goblin ability allows him to use his own molten iron to create th…

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  • Relikz

    First of all, I want to say that I know some people have translated the chapter as VS. The Acid Ruler, well, they are wrong.

    This is the japanese scan. The red letters is what I've added so you can see the pronunciation of each letter. as you can see, the word The isn't anywhere. But anyway,

    Teppei and Numazawa continue their fight now in full Goblin form. Teppei becomes unable to do much as Numazawa's Acid Spit is a long-range technique while Teppei doesn't have a technique to attack that far away. Numazawa kills a man by bathing him in acid. Teppei uses his head and uses a car as shield and then quickly gets close to his enemy and punches h…

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  • Relikz

    Chapter 3: Acid Street, Review

    December 28, 2013 by Relikz

    Well Chapter 3 is out guys! The chapter started with Teppei waking up in the snow and thinking that the Rabbit Goblin Girl was just a dream. So her Frozen Breath (yeah, that's the name I gave it :P) caused it to snow! That's a nice ability she has. Anyway, Teppei find part of a building has been melted close by and then meets up with his friend Kazuki Kuramochi and his mom Kuramochi Kazuki. Just so you guys know, in the raw, the mom's name says exactly that "Kuramochi Kazuki" while other characters have their first name last and last name first like Teppei Ushizume in the raw is called Ushizume Teppei. This makes me think that the mom's name is actually Kazuki Kuramochi. But then again, later his mom calls him Kazuki. Mom calling son by la…

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  • Relikz


    December 22, 2013 by Relikz

    So I was just wondering if anyone had any theories on why some goblins are pretty normal while some have special powers like Teppei's Iron Armor or the Freezing Breath of the bunny girl or even the acid-related abilities of someone named Acid Ruler that seems will appear in chapter 4.

    Do you think it has anything to do with the personality of the human? or maybe its related to genes? Does it have to do with what you wish to be like Teppei wanting to protect people? Any other theories?

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