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Kikuta is a former non-commissioned officer in service of the National Defense Force, in which he was in charge of his own squad.





Kikuta's Third Eye

Kikuta's Third Eye.

Goblin Physiology: Kikuta is a goblin, but he can control his transformation to keep his personality intact.[1]


  • Transformation Control: Kikuta is capable of controlling his transformation and keeping his mentality.[1] He has also shown that he can partially transform parts of his body into his fully goblin form.[2]
  • Subordination: Kikuta is shown to be able to control Goblins (whether or not he can control humans this way remains unknown) by means of special eyeballs that attach to target body and act as transmitters for his orders. He has shown two "modes" of this ability - he can give general orders to his subjects (requires barely any focus, he can control a huge swarm of goblins at once this way), or he can focus on one or several subjects to "remote control" them as if they were his real bodies (he can use his sniper skills remotely by using this "mode" on subordinate equipped with a rifle).
  • Goblin Merging: Kikuta can merge any amount of Goblins he is currently controlling into one organism, freely changing its body build, increasing or decreasing number of its appendages, organs etc. He used this ability on two occasions - first time (not shown) to created the multieyed Goblin that served as fake Goblin-controller, and second time to create the giant Goblin-brawler that fought with Teppei, and later merging a tank into it.



  • (To Kenji Sakurayama in regards to why he killed so many civilians) "It was like my wish had been granted! I chose this line of work because I wanted to get involved in warfare! But in reality, there weren't any battles like that, and all we did was train in a peaceful society...that's why the world becoming like this made me so incredibly happy!"[3]
  • (To Kenji Sakurayama) "It was really fun, being able to fight against people like you, Sakurayama-san. I'm truly glad I became a Goblin! It's just, well...this power gives me a bit too much of an edge when we're fighting on even ground."[4]
  • (To Kenji Sakurayama about playing a game of war with him) "I'm not playing with you at all, Sakurayama-san. You had nothing to defend yourselves against, so I've only given you something to fight. And even though it's thanks to Teppei that you finally put things in motion this time, with the operation a failure, you won't be evacuating this town anymore, now will you? Didn't turn out how you planned, did it? C'mon, let's have at it until one man's left standing!"[5]



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