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Iron Knight Logo

Ok guys, as you may know, the current Iron Knight logo we have

Iron Knight

I took from the first and second chapters of the manga.

However, in the latest chapter, the series gets a new logo. This same logo also appears in chapter 4. Because of this, I've created a new symbol to represent the series.

Iron Knight Symbol

The color is, of course, up to discussion if anyone dislikes it. This has also led me to create the new logo in a HQ format. However, I've created many proposals.

So vote on which one you think we should use.

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Sure, but why? We won't get chapter 5 in english for a few more weeks.

No, I'm going to make another one depending on which one we choose.

Yes. Done.


I don't know if I said that correctly, but what I mean is that we should vote, and continue voting until Chap. 5 is released to be sure it doesn't change again or something.


Alright, then I guess we'll wait.

2 or 4. Other than that it's ok for me also.

Chapter 5 is out, so I think it's time to decide. We have an incredible 2 votes (Relikz you didn't vote), and it goes like this:

  • Proposal #1: 0 votes
  • Proposal #2: 2 votes
  • Proposal #3: 0 votes
  • Proposal #4: 1 vote

So unless Relikz vote for Proposal #4 and we have a tie with #2, the winner is #2.

Or should we wait for more votes?

Actually, Proposal 2 is my favorite ^_^. Let's use that one!


Proposal #2 it is then! :)

I don't mind ^_^.

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